Glaucoma is a disease with several different causes, usually associated with elevated pressure in the eyeball, that can cause loss of vision by damaging the optic nerve.  Left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness.

Open-angle glaucoma (OAG), the most common type of glaucoma, has been called the “sneak thief of sight” because of its usually insidious onset without any symptoms.  A person with this type of glaucoma can be unaware of the slow irreversible loss of vision until it reaches an advanced state.  Usually peripheral (or side) vision is affected first, but as the disease progresses, central (reading) vision is lost as well.

Narrow-angle (or closed-angle) glaucoma is much less common and can present with pain and/or a very rapid loss of sight in just hours, requiring immediate treatment to preserve vision.  

Fortunately, research and technology has led to many medical and surgical treatments that preserve vision for the overwhelming majority of patients.  Dr. Whitmore will make sure you get the best treatment for your type of glaucoma.

Dr. Whitmore office is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology for evaluating and diagnosing glaucoma, including high-definition optical coherence tomography (HD- OCT); OPTOS ultra-wide-field imaging of the retina, allowing undilated fundus examination (making blurry vision from eye drops unnecessary in most patients); and automated visual field testing.  He also has the latest laser technology to treat both open-angle and narrow-angle glaucoma, including SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty), YAG, and diode lasers.